Like many emerging leaders, there was a time when the idea of expressing myself and being vulnerable was daunting. The thought of showing my true self and being celebrated for it seemed almost impossible.

Even though my deepest desire was to lead with love, express with authority, and share profound connections with others, it felt like a paradox. What I craved most was also what frightened me the most.

After many seasons, sessions, mistakes, and trials, I’m grateful to have discovered that what I sought was within me all along.

With a decade of experience in leadership development, community building, cultivating an inner relationship, mindfulness, masculine archetypes, and empowering communication, I can now confidently say it is possible for leaders like you to wake up each day feeling connected, empowered, and soulful.

Make no mistake, embodying this way of being every day isn’t easy, but there are tools, strategies, and ways of being that can help you find your center and return to harmony and joy when life inevitably veers off course or throws you a curveball.

“Like you, I’ve been confused, lonely, and uncertain. What I learned is it isn’t a life sentence, and how the rest of our lives can be radically different.”

Are you looking to be supported every step of the way towards creating a life that’s authentic, meaningful, and empowered? I’d invite you to check out the ways we could work together.

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Here’s My Story…

Growing up, I experienced a deep longing for connection, but often faced separation, rejection, and confusion. This led me to seek security and external validation through success in the corporate world during my twenties.

Despite my achievements, I found myself questioning my self-worth and identity. It wasn’t until my early thirties that I discovered what was missing in my life and began a process of inner evolution.

Through men’s development work, sobriety, and intentional community, I learned to just “be” and accept myself. These transformative experiences sparked a journey of self-discovery and personal growth that has taken me to spiritual teachings, intentional relating, sacred spaces, and dance floors around the world.

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet incredible teachers, guides, and mentors who have shared grounded wisdom and practical tools, helping me navigate the unfolding paths of self-discovery and the chaos of modern life.

As a highly sensitive facilitator, coach, and community leader with over ten years of experience, I feel privileged to guide emerging and evolving leaders on their journey to define their purpose, strengthen connections, and lead intentionally.

I am deeply grateful for the lessons, challenges, and growth opportunities that enable me to contribute more profoundly to our greater collective.

My approach to coaching and facilitation is deeply rooted in authenticity, empathy, and holistic growth. I believe that everyone has the capacity to lead with purpose and make a positive impact on the world.

My work is centered around creating a warm, inviting, and supportive environment that fosters self-exploration, growth, and transformation.

The path to self-discovery and growth is not always linear, and I’m here to support you throughout your journey.

Together, let’s work on uncovering your inner strengths, clarifying your vision, and embracing the transformative power of connection all while navigating the intersection of leadership, boundaries, and emotional intelligence with grace, resilience, and potency.

Walking this path side by side, I’m here to help you create
a life rich in fulfillment, purpose, and meaningful impact.

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